Mike Zemann

Nov 17 2016

Wow! He has a customer for life. Nothing like selling my home, closing is 2 days away, temperature is 9 degrees and you guessed it, the furnace decided to give up. I thought I would tough out the night but my home had dropped into the low 40’s by 11:20pm. Like the review below, was prepared to get gouged for a late night repair visit. Gave Atlas/John a call. He answered, had a very reasonable fee to come out however he started asking me about the issue. I had already gone through the furnace earlier and had replaced a motor capacitor to no avail so instead of just coming out he began to walk me through a checklist. At one point he gave me his personal cell number to text pictures to so we could trouble shoot. Low and behold, after quite some time discovered a relay issue and the furnace began purring away once cleaned up. Quite some time? – checked my phone this morning and we were on the phone an hour and twelve minutes. John didn’t want a dime. Wow!!! I have to say this is the second time in one day where I ran into the most amazing customer service I have seen in a long time. First a big thank you to John, second I highly suggest giving Atlas a call. It’s like finding a great honest mechanic that you hold onto for dear life. Rare gems and good people. Thanks John!